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Hose Repair Services

Repair or Replace?

With winter upon us, we often forget that our hoses do not always hold up so well to the cold. It is this time of year that maintenance becomes particularly important.


Proper Hose Maintenance Includes:
  • Flushing debris from the hose to keep them from freezing and adhering to the inside of the hose

  • Turning off the flow to the hose

  • Removing any nozzles or ends that will limit the open-ended flow from the hose

  • Allowing the hose to drain and dry completely

  • Storing the hose carefully without kinks or pinches

  • Storing the hose in a warm place when possible

Whether you have a rubber hose or a PVC hose, all hoses need to be properly maintained in the cold months of winter. When not flushed, drained and stored properly, you run the risk of having your hose or even your fitting crack. This problem may occur simply with excessive use as well. You may see leaking cracks anywhere the hose was exposed to kinking or commonly, directly around the fitting itself. When fittings get extremely cold or frozen and are exposed to pressure, it is not uncommon for them to crack or burst. Regardless of the cause, we are here to fix any hose problem that comes your way.

When you notice a crack in your hose or a broken fitting, bring it to our experienced hose department staff for examination. We will assist you in either repairing or replacing the hose while you wait.

Cracks around or within the fittings can often be fixed by cutting the fitting off of the hose and replacing it with a new one. For those more difficult injuries to the body of the hose, we may be able to cut the hose at the site and use a mender fitting to conjoin the two parts. When the hose is just not in a position to be repaired, we have various high quality hoses in stock for replacement.

Have a hose that needs repair? Need a brand new rubber or PVC hose? Call or visit us between the hours of 7am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday.

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