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Vee Belts

Potomac Rubber Co. is a distributor of V-belts, poly V-belts and cog belts.  All belting is available individually or in mated sets. We carry or special order specialty v-belts, including blue ribbon v-belts and super blue ribbon v-belts through Carlisle. We are distributors for brands such as CARLISLE and JASON MEGADYNE. Many items are available for same day or factory direct shipment.

We stock single band vee and cog belts including sizes within series: A, AX, B, BX, 3VX, 5VX, 3L and 4L
Call, email or text us to check price and availability of the size you need!
Many belt types are available for same day or factory direct shipment.
  • Multiple Horsepower V-Belts

  • Cog Belts

  • Power-Wedge Cog Belts

  • Power-Wedge

  • Power-Wedge V-Belts

  • Power-Wegde QD Sheaves

  • Vee Band

  • Cog-Band

  • Wedge-Band

  • Variable Speed Cog Belt

  • Doube Angle V-Belts

  • Synchro-Cog Timing Belts

  • Synchro-Cog HTD Belts

  • Poly-Rib Belts

  • Thoro-Flex V-belting

  • Thoro-Link V-belting

  • Classical QD Sheaves

  • QD Brushing

  • FHP Sheaves Cast Iron-Bushed Type

  • FHP Sheaves Cast Iron Fixed Bore

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