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Snowplow Blades

Rubber snowplow blades mount under the inverted cutting edge of the plow. They are long lasting and durable. In comparison to metal blades, they protect the surfaces they are exposed to, reduce plow wear and decrease vehicle damage. They're reversible, abrasion resistant, absorb impact and need to be changed far less often than metal blades.

Overhang Specifications
  • 1" for moderate to hard-packed snow and ice

  • 2" for normal snow

  • 3" for light snow and slush

  • Our standard stock plow blades are 1-1/2” thick and 8” or 10” wide cut to your needed length.

  • They are made from #22 SBR belt cover stock for increased abrasion resistance.

  • They meet or exceed ASTMD-2000 4AA617 A13 B13 F17.

  • 2400 lb Tensile strength

  • 640% Elongation

  • 1100 Modulus

  • 60 Duro/120 DIN

Thinner sizes available in skirt board material for lighter applications.
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