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Hydraulic Hose & Fittings

Potomac Rubber is an Affiliate Distributor of Eaton Weatherhead Hose & Fittings. We offer hydraulic lines from 1/4"ID to 1"ID at custom lengths with custom ends. Most can be fabricated while you wait or as a custom production run. Need assistance or support? Please call or email our application experts for answers.

Our HIGH-PRESSURE hose features a nitrile inner tube with a WeatherSHIELD cover. It is reinforced with 2 (H280) or 4 (H430) steel braids and supports a range of temperatures between -50 ℉ to +260 ℉ . The cover is oil, abrasion and weather resistant. 

BX Hose .png

Our LOW to MEDIUM-PRESSURE hose (SAE 100R3) has a tube made from high quality, oil resistant synthetic rubber that is resistant to petroleum and water-based hydraulic fluids. The textile reinforcement makes this hose flexible and lightweight. The cover is made from high quality synthetic rubber that is weather, oil, abrasion and corrosion resistant. This hose supports a range of temperatures between -40 ℉ to +212 ℉.

H Hose.png

We also offer SAE 100R5 hose for your DOT Air Brake needs. This is a general-purpose, medium-pressure hose for air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines, tilt cab cylinders, transmission coolant and filtration lines. This hose is compatible with petroleum- based hydraulic fluids, air, water, gasoline and diesel fuel, lubricating oils and coolants. 


  • Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of: 

    • SAE 100R5

    • DOT FM VSS 106 Type All 

    • SAE J1402 Type All

We are currently stocking this hose in 1/2" ID only. 

1108DOT     1/2" ID      (1750 psi working pressure)

Fittings, Couplings & Adapters

Potomac Rubber stocks a variety of hydraulic fittings. Our standard stock thread types include: 

  • NPT

  • NPSM

  • JIC

  • ORB (O-Ring Boss)

  • ORS (O-Ring Face)


We also stock adapters in these threads as well as Hydraulic Quick Connects. 

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