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Rain Wear & Industrial Protective Clothing

Potomac Rubber supplies work rain wear in both heavy duty and economy grades. Products available for special order for direct shipment include: coveralls, jackets, hats, protective footwear, for over the shoe use, slicker boots and arctic buckle boots, over the sock boots, knee [Wellies], hip and body waders. We also offer traditional style industrial protective aprons in rubber or vinyl as well as a large inventory of industrial gloves for various applications.

Many items are available for same day or factory direct shipment.
Black Rubber Aprons
PVC Aprons
Protective Apparrel
  • Zipper Front Coveralls

  • w/ boots and elastic wrists

  • w/ elastic wrists and ankles

  • w/ elastic wrists and ankles and elastic hood

Waterproof Protective Clothing
  • Premium Neoprene Coated Nylon

  • Flame Retardent

  • Double Stiched & Taped Seams

  • Quick Release Suspenders

  • Resistance to Most Chemicals

  • Resistance to Oils and Acids

Bib Overalls
Ponchos – Universal Size
Yellow or Orange
Coats and Hats
Head and Face Protection
  • Hard Hats

  • Winter Liners

  • Faceshield with Bracket

Utility Rainwear
Safety Vests
  • Two vertical stripes on the front

  • Three chevron stripes and two vertical stripes on the back

  • Horizontal stripes on side with hook and loop closure

Sight Protection
  • Flexible Frame Goggle

  • Visitor's Specs

Hearing Protection
  • Ear Muffs

  • Ear Plugs

Industrial Footwear
  • Slicker Boots

  • Pak-a-way work rubber

  • Over The Sock

  • Knee Boots

  • Plain Toe

  • Steel Toe

  • Hip Boots

  • Body Waders

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